Missionary Independent Spiritual Church and Ms. Robin Present


Hoodoo Heritage Festival and Open House Party

Saturday and Sunday,
May 5th and 6th, 2012

For the sixth consecutive year, Missionary Independent Spiritual Church is sponsoring Our Hands-on Hoodoo Training Workshops in Forestville, California.

These classes in African American folk magic, root work, and hoodoo will teach you practical tricks and tips to take your conjure work to a new level of confidence and knowledge. In addition to spell casting, we also showcase the mystery and magic of world-wide folk religions.

Registration for classes begins during the month of JANUARY, 2012. Pre-payment is by Paypal. We encourage folks to sign up well ahead of the event, as some of these classes have limited enrollment.

There is no charge to attend the Blessing Ceremony, Party, or Open House.

Make your travel plans now to attend this unique 2-Day Festival of Folk Magic and Spirituality!

Please join us.


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Take Hands-On Southern Style Hoodoo Classes!

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Sunday, May 6, 2012

10:00 AM - Saturday, May 5, 2012

Sarayeye, A Santeria Blessing and Road Opening Ceremony

The Weekend opens with SARAYEYE, an AFRO-CUBAN LUKUMI BLESSING AND ROAD OPENING CEREMONY performed by DR. E. and his assistants. This cleansing and blessing ceremony, dedicated to the Ancestors and the orisha Eleggua, does not require initiation within the Santeria or Lukumi traditions. All are welcome as we open the roads to a wonderful weekend.

This event is free to all, and all workshop attendees and presenters are cordially invited to be present.

You will be blessed!

COST: FREE! - This is an outdoor ceremony, weather permitting. (Donations for prosperity accepted.)


10:00 AM - Sunday, May 6, 2012

Working With Santisima Muerte

LOU FLOREZ will be teaching us the Mexican American traditions of his family in working with the dead, with ancestors, and with Santisima Muerte -- Most Holy Death. Lou is known for his fabulous altar installations and will be creating a grand Santa Muerte Altar on our site. The altar will remain in place all weekend, and all attendees are invited to place their prayers upon it. On Sunday morning, Lou's workshop participants will be instructed in the traditional veneration of Santa Muerte and each participant will prepare his or her own prepared and loaded sugar skull candle. ALL MATERIALS SUPPLIED.

TAKE HOME: An instructional flyer and your own fully dressed, loaded and prepared Mexican-style sugar skull dedicated to La Santisima Muerte.

COST: $25.00

11:30 AM - Saturday, May 5, 2012

Hoodoo Foods and Conjure Cook-Off: Grocery Store Magic

SISTER ROBIN PETERSEN will present the ANNUAL CONJURE COOK-OFF, plus a new spiritual cookery workshop, GROCERY STORE MAGIC. Participants will learn how to work hoodoo spells of love, protection, and even cursing with simple fruits and vegetables! Fun for everyone, this class will give you a whole new outlook on food shopping! All materials and take-home produce supplied, plus a free flyer outlining all the spells, and, of course, a copy of the "2012 Hoodoo Food! Rootwork Recipe Round-Up and Conjure Cook-Off" cookbook. (For which the deadline for recipe submissions to be printed is April 1, 2012.) ALL MATERIALS SUPPLIED. Bring your magical foods to be judged by workshop participants! Prizes will be awarded to the top three conjure cooks. Extra "Hoodoo Food!" recipe booklets will be sold to benefit the work of Missionary Independent Spiritual Church. Any food not eaten by participants at the workshop will become part of the general Party Potluck.

TAKE HOME: Two instructional flyers, a 2012 "Hoodoo Food!" Cook Book, and a fully functional Grocery Store Spell for use in your home.

COST: $20.00

11:30 AM - Sunday, May 6, 2012

Mojo Making

DR. E. will give his awesome MOJO MAKING class -- it's good for beginners, but filled with special tricks that even long-time practitioners may not yet know. Under Dr. E.'s guidance, you will learn to select the proper Roots, Herbs, and Minerals for your situation or condition, awaken spirit medicine to the work, and enlist natural powers as allies, then craft, dress, and bless our own mojo hands for love or money. Even if you have made a mojo hand for yourself before, you will learn something new from this workshop! ALL MATERIALS SUPPLIED.

TAKE HOME: An instructional flyer, a complete mojo hand of your own making, and a dram vial of dressing oil.

COST: $40.00

1:00 PM - Saturday, May 5, 2012

Prosperity Spells: Money Drawing in the Conjure Tradition

SINDY TODO and SUSAN DIAMOND will team up for a workshop on PROSPERITY SPELLS, and participants will be instructed in how to use and work with one of the oldest, most down-home, and least-known Money Drawing Spells found in conjure -- and the item itself is included in the cost of the class, along with a take-home flyer of instructions. ALL MATERIALS SUPPLIED. 

TAKE HOME: An instructional flyer and a fully functional Prosperity Spell for use in your home or place of business.

COST: $33.00

1:00 PM - Sunday, May 6, 2012

Fortune Telling by Telephone: How YOU Can Be a Psychic Reader!

MARIN GRAVES will hold a special workshop for participants who are -- or want to be -- Telephone Psychics. Marin will share all the secrets of how it's done, and will tell you exactly how skilled psychic readers can earn a great living from home or as a side-line to operating a metaphycial book store or occult shop. Learn how to take pre-scheduled calls via the web and how to find a reputable psychic service to handle your "instant readings." What's that? You say you're not a reader? Well, if you have ever been a reader's CLIENT, you too will benefit greatly from this truthful, behind-the-scenes look at FORTUNE TELLING BY TELEPHONE!

TAKE HOME: An instructional flyer, a bottle of Marin's custom-made "Psychic Reader's Room Spray" and a 96-page illustrated book, "The Fortune Teller's Guide to Success" by Valentina Burton (featuring an interview with Marin).

COST: $25.00

2:30 PM - Saturday May 5, 2012

Supernatural Protection and Spirit Traps

CONJUREMAN ALI will be teaching SUPERNATURAL PROTECTION: How to Trap, Tame, and Drive Away Evil Spirits, Malicious Demons, and Wicked Djinns. Each student will learn authentic techniques from a variety of cultures and will then craft and take home a traditional Spirit Trap. ALL MATERIALS SUPPLIED.

TAKE HOME: An instructional flyer and a fully functional Spirit Trap for use in your home.

COST: $35.00

2:30 PM - Sunday May 6, 2012

The Cursing Colloquium: Beyond the Valley of the Doll-Babies

CONJUREMAN ALI, DR. E., ROBIN YORK, CATHERINE YRONWODE, NAGASIVA YRONWODE, and DEACON MILLETT will conduct a unique and fast-moving panel presentation in which they will lay out their favourite (and lesser-known) ways to curse, jinx, cross, goofer, hot foot, rebuke, and mess up enemies. Topics will include such esoterica as road closing (the opposite of road opening), classical binding spells, foot track whipping, imprecatory Bible Psalms, and working with demons and devils. ALL MATERIALS SUPPLIED.

TAKE HOME: Two instructional flyers, a packet of traditional hoodoo cursing powders, and a packet of herbs with instructions for cleansing yourself after performing a curse.

COST: $25.00

4:00 PM - Saturday, May 5, 2012

Bone Reading: Hands-On Training

CATHERINE YRONWODE will be introducing her brand new 96 page book on BONE READING and will individually coach all participants as they learn to throw and to interpret the bones in divination. A "bare-bones" starter set and the complete book on seership with bones are included in the cost of the workshop.

TAKE HOME: An instructional flyer, a complete book on Bone Reading by catherine yronwode, a Beginner's Bone Set (or, if you already have the Beginner's Bone Set, you will receive $27.00 in store credit to purchase more bones at the workshop.

COST: $50.00

4:00 PM - Sunday May 6, 2012

Egg Cleansing and the Meditation of Saint Michael

SUSAN DIAMOND and SINDY TODO will team up again for a class on EGG CLEANSING AND THE MEDITATION OF SAINT MICHAEL. This powerful and transformational class will cleanse you -- and teach you how to cleanse others with a simple hen's egg. ALL MATERIALS SUPPLIED.

TAKE HOME: Two instructional flyers, a bottle of Archangel Michael Dressing Oil, and a completely cleansed self.

COST: $33.00


Saturday, May 5 - Sunday, May 6, 2012

The following members of The Association of Independent Readers and Rootworkers (AIRR) and other professionals will be on site during the Apprenticeship Week and Workshop Weekend and will be offering readings. Take advantage of some great discount prices for attendees only, and the opportunity to get an in-person reading with someone you might not otherwise have a chance to meet:

Dr. E.Dr. E.: Tarot Card and Diloggun (Santeria Cowrie Shell) Readings

Availability: May 5 - 6 from 9 AM to 6pm, except when attending workshops.
Cost: $40.00 / 30 minutes; payment in cash.
Scheduling: Readings are on a first-come, first-served basis.

Miss ElvyraMiss Elvyra: Tarot Card Readings

Availability: May 5 - 6 from 10:00 AM - 5:00 PM, except when attending workshops.
Cost: $30.00 / 30 minutes; payment in cash or pre-pay via Paypal.
Scheduling: Please pre-schedule via LMCCo. 707-887-1521.

Lou FlorezLou Florez: Tarot Card Readings

Availability: May 5 - 6 from 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM, except when attending workshops.
Cost: $30.00 / 30 minutes; payment in cash only
Scheduling: Readings are on a first-come, first-served basis

Miss cat yronwodeMiss cat: Palmistry Plus Tarot

Availability: May 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6, after 5:00 PM; one reading per evening only.
Cost: $30.00 / 30 minutes; payment in cash or pre-pay via Paypal.
Scheduling: Please pre-schedule via LMCCo. 707-887-1521.

Robin PetersenSister Robin ("Red Robin"): The Shop Manager of the Lucky Mojo Curio Co. presents one of our perennially popular classes -- our annual Hoodoo Food! workshop, featuring the use of edible magical herbs and grocery store ingredients in all manner of spell-work recipes.

Dr. E.Dr. E.: Conjure doctor, Lukumi priest of Shango, Tata Ngo Batalla in Palo, and proprietor of Dr. E. Products in Long Beach, California, Dr. E. will lead us in the Sarayeye Road Opening ceremony and bring his unique shamanic combination of Cuban and Californian conjure to the subjects of Mojo Making and Cursing Spells.

ConjureMan AliConjureMan Ali: Born in Virginia and trained from an early age as the heir of his family's spiritual tradition of talismanic magic, astrology, bibliomancy, and the spiritual practices of the Near East, ConjureMan Ali, proprietor of ConjureMan Spiritual Practice, and Tata Quimbanda, brings a unique perspective to his workshops on Cursing Spells and Protective Spirit Traps.

Lou FlorezLou Florez: Trained by hoodoos, curanderos, rootworkers, and priests and priestess in West African traditions, Lou is Baba Shangobeyi, an olorisha in the Ifa tradition and a tata nkisi in the BaKongo tradition; a resident of Denver, Colorado, his Mexican heritage will come to the fore in his crafting of a Santisima Muerte altar for participant petitions, and a class in making, loading, and preparing a traditional sugar skull offering to Holy Death.

Marin GravesMarin Graves: A lifelong student -- and teacher -- of metaphysics, psychic phenomena, religion, folk magic, and divination, Marin Graves is a certified paranormal investigator and the proprietor of The Parlour, a Victorian themed tarot boutique in historic Grass Valley, California; she will be sharing her practical knowledge of what it takes to set up a profitable business as a telephone psychic, and will also provide valuable insights to those who call upon such psychics for help.

Susan DiamondSusan Diamond: A tarot card reader, psychic and magical consultant, astrologer, rootworker, shamanic practitioner, initiated Palera, energy worker, teacher, and owner of Serpent's Kiss Magick Shop and Botanica and Crossroads Community Space in Santa Cruz, California, Susan will team up with her magical partner Auntie Sindy Todo to co-present workshops on Prosperity Spells and Egg Cleansing with the Meditation of Saint Michael.

Auntie Sindy TodoAuntie Sindy Todo: A Southern-born rootworker and conjurer, and intuitive reader, Sindy's spiritual gifts are ancestral and passed down to her from her Cajun and Lebanese Grandmothers; the proprietor of Todo Mojo in Seattle, Washington, Sindy will team up with her magical partner Susan Diamond to co-present workshops on Prosperity Spells and Egg Cleansing with the Meditation of Saint Michael.

Deacon MillettDeacon Millett: The pastor of Four Altars Gospel Sanctuary in the Southern California High Desert, best known for his love and reconciliation magic, will be showing another side of himself as he participates in the Cursing Colloquium.

Khi ArmandNagasiva Yronwode: The co-owner of the Lucky Mojo Curio Co. in Forestville, California, and a well-known archivist and proponent of occultism and the Dark Arts will be participating in the Cursing Colloquium.

Lisa WarrickMiss cat yronwode: The co-owner of the Lucky Mojo Curio Co. in Forestville, California, and the author of "Hoodoo Herb and Root Magic," "Hoodoo in Theory and Practice," and the "Hoodoo Rootwork Correspondence Course" will be teaching her own take on Bone Reading, featuring hands-on training in interpretations of the bones, as well as participating in the Cursing Colloquium.


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